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About us

Zafo Law - the natural link between Scandinavia and Spain


Zafo Law is one of the Spanish law firms most orientated towards Scandinavian clients.


Our vision

Our vision shows, what Zafo Law wants to be, our ambitions and common goals.


We stand out in particular by having specialized in our clients and not in particular law areas.


This happens as a consequence of the general development in the society, where the need for  cross border legal assistance never has been bigger and is still increasing.


Zafo Law is the law firm of the modern society, where language and borders is not an obstacle, but defines our purpose.


Our mission

The mission for Zafo Law is to assist Scandinavian clients related to Spain, with legal services of a high quality and a standard based on a common language and mutual understanding comforting Scandinavian clients, without giving up assisting possible Spanish clients applying the same working filosophy and  standards of legal practise.


Our history

Zafo Law was constituted in the year 2004 in Barcelona by the lawyers Vicente Sebastián Ruiz and Lars Hovmand Mikkelsen.

From the beginning the idea has been a Spanish law firm with an international focus in general and especially between Scandinavia and Spain.


Compared with many other law firms in Spain Zafo Law chose to focus not only on real estate, but also other legal areas, such as corporate and litigation, and they have developed into important working areas.


In short time Zafo Law has developed into one of the leading law firms in Spain, when it comes to handling legal issues involving Scandinavian clients being companies, private persons or Scandinavian law firms.


Our portfolio of Spanish clients has increased considerably appreciating all of them Scandinavia standards of services in a Spanish law firm.


In the year 2006 we opened an office in Alicante and in 2013 in Marbella as a result of the demand for our legal services from the Scandinavian communities in this area.