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Zafo Law specializes in Spanish mortgage primarily for Scandinavian lawyers, banks, financial institutions and creditors seeking real estate guarantee in Spanish assets from their debtors.



Our services

Our highly specialized services  towards foreign banks, financial institutions and creditors within Spanish mortgage can be illustrated as follows:

Our strengths

We have deep insight in the way Scandinavian banks and financial institutions do business, their conditions, specialities, such as the Danish realkredit, and guarantee needs, enabling Zafo Law to provide a highly specialized mortgage advising towards foreign banks and other financial institutions, handling the registration of the Spanish mortgage deed as well as the possible foreclosure. 


Our qualified experience

We have among our clients the principal players on the mortgage market in Spain for Scandinavians, Nykredit Realkredit A/S, as well as other non established Scandinavian banks, private investors and law firms established in Scandinavia.