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Global Corporate Management

Zafo Law offers a global management of the company’s most common administrative obligations!



Global Corporate Management

As a law firm specialized in business law, Zafo Law is aware of the actual need all companies have of an integrated legal service. As a consequence Zafo Law has configured a multi-tasking team of lawyers and economist creating a solution that we have chosen to call Global Corporate Management.


Subsidiary in Spain owned by Scandinavian parent company

Zafo Law has achieved specialized experience acting as Global Corporate Manager for Scandinavian subsidiaries in Spain such as Uhrenholt España S.L.U. (Uhrenholt A/S), Genan Business and Development Spain S.L.U.n (Genan Business and Development A/S) and Milestone Systems Iberia S.L.U. (Milestone Systems A/S).

In addition, as a Spanish law firm, Zafo Law can provide legal services in a wide range of corporate legal areas as well as legal assistance and execution of company transactions by the Spanish subsidiary.


Zafo law as secretary of the board in the Spanish subsidiary

Appointing Zafo Law as secretary of the board of the Spanish company (“secretario no miembro”) reduces the rather voluminous administrative burden of the company, as Zafo Law using this special Spanish legal figure can carry out many of the formalities and obligations on behalf of the board in a Spanish company, without requiring their personal appearance at the Spanish Notary office.

With Zafo Law designated secretary of the board in the Spanish company, among other advantages, the following is achieved:




Spanish company owned by private person(s)

Our Global Corporate management service can also be used by any other Spanish companies, without necessarily forming part of a business structure owned by a foreign parent company.