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Zafo Law advices on Spanish taxes for companies


We advice both resident companies and no-resident parent companies and entities on different Spanish Taxes such as company tax, non-residents’ income tax and tax on Notary documents and local taxes.


Spanish Tax Representative

All foreign parent company shall appoint a  Spanish Tax Representative  resident in Spain enabling the Spanish Tax Office with binding effect to hand over tax notifications and requirements issued to the foreign parent company to its Spanish Tax Representative located in Spain.


Zafo Law can be appointed as Spanis tax representative:


Electronic communication with Spanish Tax Office

All monthly, quarterly and yearly company tax declarations to the Spanish Tax Office regarding companies established in Spain has to be done electronically.


Our services

Advising on Spanish Corporate taxes ZAFO LAW is appointed as Spanish Tax Representative for several Scandinavia Parent Companies as well as their Subsidiaries in Spain fulfilling both their obligation as a no-resident company to appoint a Spanish Tax Representative resident in Spain and the need for the Subsidiary Spanish Company to present and received communications electronically with the Spanish Tax Office.