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Important change in Spanish inheritance tax


A recent ruling from the EC regarding Spanish inheritance tax and the different treatment in taxation of the no resident heir - often resulting in a significant higher amount a Spanish inheritance tax than for the resident heir - has brougt this practise to an inmediate end.


In the Danish newspaper Jyllandsposten, Zafo Law has commented the ruling, recommending all none resident heirs, who at some time has been charged Spanish inheritance tax while living inside the EC, to contact a tax adviser to make sure they either file a claim on return payment of Spanish inheritance tax or at least clarify whether they are able to file such claim or not.


The article published in Jyllandsposten can be read in Danish here PDF iconArveafgift.pdf.


For further information or assitance on the topic, please contact our Spanish lawyer Lars Hovmand Mikkelsen at LHM@zafolaw.com or fill in our contact form to be found elsewhere on this website.