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Litigation private

Private Litigation can be defined as all the judicial processes of private persons.



In this process we can transfer all the topics contained within the private Law department which will have to be discussed in Court. The main objective of this area is to obtain a judicial resolution when any friendly attempt fails.


Our strengths

The lawyers in charge of the Private litigation department have been formed within various and different legal fields, some of them are specialized in Real Estate contract and others are specially prepared for litigation in successions and Administrative tax matters. Furthermore, we shall insist on the fact that the cultural diversity and background of our professionals (Danish, Spanish and French) allows us to have a good international perspective of these kinds of cases.


Our services

As we understand civil litigation as the judicial treatment of all the legal topics contained in our Private Law department, we can divide our litigation services for private persons in the following topics: 



Engagement of Zafo Law

Many circumstances shall be considered in connection to a judicial process in Spain. Apart from the legal subject giving rise to the legal action, whenever we are dealing with litigation, we have to consider issues of procedural character. If we shall illustrate the engagement of Zafo Law from a litigation perspective, we can divide it in advising, possibilities and litigation as shown in this figure: 


Our international experience

Established in 2004 Zafo Law has an extraordinary experience and knowledge on advising foreign clients on Spanish law and litigation in Spain, as almost all cases handled by Zafo Law contains an international element involving one of the Scandinavian countries.