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Inheritance & last will

The inheritance process in Spain can only be started by the heir. It never starts automatically and there is a short period for payment of Spanish inheritance tax in time.


Special Spanish inheritance circumstances

International inheritance law is a very complex legal area. For Scandinavian heirs and lawyers, the following special Spanish circumstances are of extremely importance and very different to own national inheritance system.



Why make a Spanish last will?

Zafo Law recommends both residents and  no-residents Scandinavian owners of properties in Spain to make a Spanish will.

Our Strengths

As Spanish inheritance matters involving an international element, such as the Scandinavian nationality of the deceased person, are of very complex legal nature often resulting in the application of foreign inheritance law, it is crucial with legal assistance from a law firm understanding Scandinavian inheritance law, when the deceased was a person from Scandinavian.


Our services

Our practise in Spain has been concentrated towards Scandinavian heirs, or lawyers acting on their behalf as administrator of the estate or executor of a last will, within the following areas: