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Zafo Law advice both resident and no resident private persons on Spanish income tax, inheritance tax and taxes on property as well as international taxation questions.


Our tax department for private persons is organized together with our other legal services oriented towards private persons from the Scandinavian countries.



Spanish Tax Representative

Zafo Law recommends all resident and no resident Scandinavians owning real estate in Spain to appoint a Spanish Tax Representative. Without a Spanish Tax Representative the Spanish Tax Office will send important requirements and notifications to the address of the Property located in Spain and not elsewhere.


In case the requirement or notification is not answarered in time or the reception is not accepted by the tax payer, it will result in a fine or loss of the possibility to present allegations.


Zafo Law can be appointed as Spanish tax representative:



Our services

Based on our case handling og legal services orientated towards Scandinavian clients within the tax area for private persons in Spain, we have achieve special qualifiacions with the following services:



Our qualified experience

We have been appointed as Spanish Tax Representative by several Scandinavian owners of properties in Spain. One of our professionals has worked in the Danish Central Tax Court and specializes in international tax issues for private persons with tax relations to Spain.